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The effectiveness of Being Present, Showing Up in Relationships & Why Self-Love Can Be Tough Love with Marian Mellen

The effectiveness of Being Present, Showing Up in Relationships & Why Self-Love Can Be Tough Love with Marian Mellen

Ep. 45 – The charged Power of Being Present, turning up in Relationships & Why Self-Love Can Be Tough Love

This episode is a lot like that deep heart filled discussion you’ve got with a detailed buddy, except Marian and I also had never met. We dive straight into a lot of amazing topics that are rich individual development and relationships. I shall alert you there clearly was some deep material in right here. I must say I enjoyed this episode we just riffed and dove deeper because I actually only asked 2 of my prepared questions and the rest of the time.

We adored where this discussion went as well as for anybody who is passionate about turning up while the complete form of on their own, i am aware you’ll think it’s great too! This is an excellent someone to tune in to once you’ve done some yoga or take a walk that is long chillin’ sipping one glass of wine (or coffee, or kombucha or tea). In reality, soon after we got from the call I was thinking to myself that Marian is much like a hot organic tea for the heart. We don’t also truly know just just what which means however it surely felt genuine!

With this Episode We Mention:

  • Exactly how Marian begins her morning
  • What now ? when you’re under a deadline but like to honor your system whenever it’s stressed
  • Just How Marian got started with meditation and exactly how she reframed it to just “breathing”
  • Being nevertheless and exactly what meditation is and isn’t
  • Exactly just just What this means to surrender in this minute minus the choice in the moment – allowing versus struggling
  • Could I surrender to minute without labeling the pain as one thing good or bad?
  • How exactly we can’t actually be pleased until we accept discomfort without judgment from it
  • just How our tradition has put pleasure for a pedestal (plus it causes us to be miserable)
  • Appreciating just exactly exactly what each types of feeling provides within our life
  • Control – why it is an illusion
  • Ourselves and others to the best of our ability, without overcompensating and trying to control an outcome how we can treat
  • Objectives – the way they produce a reality that is false the long term and block us from accepting and adopting what exactly is
  • Why often self-love has become love that is tough
  • Just exactly exactly How relationships could be mirrors for the very own “stuff”
  • Ask “why am we wanting to resist this?”
  • Why self-love may be compassionate and self- disciplined during the time that is same
  • Necessary vexation and just why it may be a good thing – there’s magic on the reverse side of discomfort that is most
  • Tiny talk versus deep talk – making talk meaningful that is small
  • Navigating the way to handle how many other individuals think of your
  • Sharing your story versus the stories you’re an integral part of – just how do we share our relationships online
  • We discuss exactly how we’re taking care of individuals pleasing

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